The project ‘’Cyber Atis’’ originated in 2017. The idea is to promote the culture of behavior and the safety of children on the Internet through the organization of presentations, tribunes, lectures for children, parents, and teachers.

Katarina Jonev went from the youngest journalist in the Republic of Serbia to an expert on cyber terrorism and one of the few who are educating children on the Internet in this region!

She was born in Belgrade and already at the age of 10 stepped into the world of media. From 1997 to 2011 she was a journalist at TV Studio B, Radio Television of Serbia, Radio Belgrade 202, Radio Stanka, wrote for daily newspapers Blic, daily newspaper Politika “Politika za decu”, Voždovacke novine, Novosadski Neven, Sportski Žurnal, magazin “Samo Partizan”, correspondent of the portal “Serbia Today”, etc.

Thanks to her talent and achieved success, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia has chosen her as its youngest scholarship holder in 1997. Due to exceptional results in various fields, the Ministry retains her scholarship until 2011, until she completed studies.

After high school, she enrolled and graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, at the age of 23. With the title bachelor degree as the political scientist for international relations, she enrolled and completed her master studies of international public law at the Law Faculty in Belgrade. Since October, 2016 she has been PhD candidate at Faculty of Security Studies.

Since 2015 she has been dealing with cyber security policies, taking part in domestic and international scientific conferences, publishing scientific papers on cyber terrorism, cyber warfare and cyber crime. Among other things, she participated on the conferences at the Serbian Military Academy, the Criminal Police Academy, the Faculty of Law, …

From 2016 she has been actively involved in educating children and parents about the security on the Internet and social networks.

About her expertise in the areas of cyber security and the protection of children on the Internet, testifies her experience, knowledge and credibility, numerous lectures, conferences, round tables, publications, published scientific papers, articles and appearances in the media, as well as a large number of satisfied parents and children who passed her lectures and workshops.

She is the president of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Court IT Experts ‘’IT Vestak’’, a member of the Serbian Royal Academy of Innovation Sciences, member of a professional association ‘’E-razvoj/ E-Development’’




I Lectures on the topic of cyber security


  • Conference “New Energy”, Kopaonik
  • “Cyber Warfare”, Faculty of Law in Belgrade organized by the Forum for Diplomacy and International Relations
  • New Diplomacy Forum, “The Impact of Social Networks on Relations between States”, Serbian Parliament
  • Conference “The New Age”, School of Electrical engineering Nikola Tesla, Belgrade


II Protection of children and youth on the Internet


  • Youth digital business forum, “How much are we really safe in cyberspace?” Serbian Parliament
  • Teen Talk Conference, organized by the Color Press Group, a panel dedicated to violence on the Internet for more than 200 high school students from Novi Sad, Spens Arena Sports Hall


  • A tribune organized by the Municipal Municipality of Savski Venac and the Commission for Gender Equality of the Municipality of Savski Venac, dedicated to parents and teachers of schools on the problems of digital violence and child abuse on the Internet
  • Workshops for high school students on the subject of protection on the Internet, organized by the Youth Office of the City of Belgrade



III Scientific Conferences


  • International Scientific Conference, the theme of the work “Protecting Cyber ​​Space through the UN Charter”, Tivat
  • The Academy of the IBSSA Police, the theme “Cyber ​​Terrorism as a Security Challenge”, Belgrade
  • Scientific congerence of the School of National Defense of the Serbian Military Academy, work on the topic of cyber war, Belgrade
  • Digital Forensics Conference, topic “Cyber ​​Crime”, Belgrade
  • Scientific conference “Days of Archibald Rice”, Serbian Police Academy, theme: “Cyber ​​Terrorism and Consequences”, Belgrade
  • Scientific conference “Ecological crisis: technogenesis and climate change”, theme: “The ecological consequences of cyber attacks: real and possible”, Belgrade
  • Association of court experts for information technologies ZITEH 2016, topic “Danger of Cyber ​​Terrorism”, Belgrade
  • Military Academy, Scientific Conference “Serbia and Strategic Crossroads”, theme “Global Jihadism – Theoretical Context and Alternative Approach to the Prevention of Threats”, Belgrade


  • International Scientific Conference “Sustainable Development Goals”, theme “Cyber ​​Terrorism and Potential Impacts on the Environment”, Belgrade
  • International scientific agribusiness conference, BIST, moderator on the panel “E-tourism and importance of social networks for promotion of tourism in Serbia”, Vrnjačka Banja


IV Scientific papers


Collection of papers from scientific conferences:


  • 6th International Scientific Conference “The Power of Knowledge”, theme “Cyber space and Cyber-weapons – new security challenges”, Greece
  • 3rd International Conference “New Functional Materials and High Technology”, topic “Ecological Safety”, Tivat
  • 3rd International Conference “New Functional Materials and High Technology”, theme “Protection of Cyber Space through United Nation Charter”, Tivat
  • School of National Defense, Military Academy, scientific conference “Roots, crossroads and perspectives”, SORLOG, topic “Cyber attacks and cyber war as a new strategic challenge”, Belgrade
  • Digital Forensics Conference, “Cyber Crime as a New International Challenge”, Belgrade
  • Association of court IT experts ZITEH 2016, thopic “The Danger of Cyber Terrorism”, Belgrade


Scientific journals:


  • Journal ” Ecologica ”, topic ” The ecological consequences of cyber attacks – real and possible ”
  • Journal “Ecologica”, topic “Cyber Terrorism – and potential environmental impacts”
  • Journal “International Politics”, topic “Activities of the Islamic State in the Cyberspace”, the Institute for International Politics and Economy,
  • Journal ‘’Security’’, topic “Cyber Terrorism and the Use of Cyberspace for Terrorist Purposes” Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia
  • Journal of Liberty and International affairs, topic “The influence of Islamic state on global security”


  • Journal of Liberty and International affairs, topic ‘’The role of the United States of America in the post-cold world: a global leader or hegemon?’’




V Medias:




  • Politika, ‘’The fear of cyber terrorism’’


  • Politika, ‘’What is cyber terrorism’’


  • Politika ‘’Cyber recruiting center of ISIS’’


  • Politika ‘’Cyber dimension of the affair ‘’Panama papers’’


  • Svet Kompijutera


Printed media:

  • Lepota i zdravlje
  • Magazine ”Novi Magazin”
  • Magazine ”The Economist”
  • Magazine ”Geopolitika”